Here's my formal bio:

Karen Lynch is an engaging, personable and empathetic leader who combines 25 years of moderating, facilitating and training to deliver learning experiences that help individuals, brands and companies grow.

Karen started her career in 1991, putting her BS in Marketing from Fairfield University into action as she worked for some of the industry’s strongest marketing research consulting firms. Her background included RIVA moderator training and participation in CPSI’s Leadership Development Program. Karen launched her own marketing research practice in 2000, now known as Karen Lynch & Associates.

Today, Karen is on the faculty at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, an annual international conference on creativity, innovation and leading change. She's an active member of the Qualitative Market Research Association. She’s certified to use the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology in her facilitation and she’s qualified to administer the MBTI® Type Indicator and the FourSight® Thinking Profile/Innovation Tool for teams.

Now, here's my less formal bio:

I love what I do. For a living I get to talk to people, help companies find and develop innovative solutions to problems, teach men and women new tools and techniques, remind adults about the value of play ... all to help clients grow their skills, their brands or their companies.

I infuse my work with creative processes, so on any given day I might be sharpening clients' divergent and convergent thinking skills, facilitating projective exercises for consumers so they can share their attitudes and behaviors with insight teams, directing people to build with LEGO® bricks to facilitate their growth. I really have a lot of fun at work.

I like to say I'm seasoned -- I have been leading various group discussions since I earned my marketing degree.

  • My first "real" facilitation experience was when I traveled with an experienced moderator to conduct in-store interviews for the Coors Brewing Company, gaining reaction to a HUGE Elvira display at a liquor store in Kansas City, MO.
  • My most memorable experience was on the road conducting ethnographic interviews for Independent Life (bought out by AIG) when a dog trying to protect his home took offense at my Connecticut khakis and bit a nice hole right out of them. Later that day a little old lady told me she believed I was a real angel since I gave her an honorarium payment.
  • My early career was filled with formative experiences like those -- experiences that taught me to be flexible, to be thoughtful, and to be influential.

And, I'm passionate about creative problem solving.

When I discovered CPSI, the annual conference on creativity, innovation and leading change, my world opened up even further. I knew I wanted to facilitate, I knew I wanted to infuse creativity and play into my practice and I knew I wanted to help people solve problems. I put all my energy and spirit into helping clients gain insight and direction, find answers to questions and address their challenges.