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Have The Year You Have

In a scene from my new favorite movie, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, the proud, nervous and excited father sends his new son off to school with a typical ‘Have a great day’ comment. The proud, nervous and excited mother immediately rebukes him, saying that was ‘too much pressure.’ So the father recants and says ‘Have the day you have.’

Now when I send my kids off to school each morning, I use that phrase. ‘Have the day you have!’ Because that scene was as funny to them as it was to me. We could all relate on some level.

Truth is, we can’t control our days, we can’t make them great. We can start each day with a good attitude, a balanced breakfast after a good night’s sleep … but without our doing a thing we might get hit with the problems we face at work, the aggravations of our society, the stupidity of those we come across, and a ‘good day’ is no longer an option. We long for the day to be over so we can start a new.

That’s not how I want to face my days in 2013. That’s not truly what I want to happen to you all. I don’t want us all to wish for great days then feel disappointed when they turn bad.

So I don’t want to start out wishing everyone a great New Year. I want 2013 to be a year that is embraced for exactly the year it is going to be.

It might be hard. It might be rewarding. It might be full of aggravations. It might be full of blessings. But it will be the year that you have.

So have it. Embrace it. Plan it. Do it. Face it. Tackle it. LIVE IT.

Have the year you have.

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