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How well do you switch roles: from moderator to analyst

Switch it up, a photo by Herkie on Flickr.

I’m one of those moderators that often exclaims in the middle of a focus group the words, “I LOVE MY JOB!!” I’m an extrovert with an insane curiosity, and I so thoroughly enjoy facilitating group discussions that I often make my family crazy with questions.

But I also love switching into analyst mode and writing reports. Maybe it’s a welcome reprieve from the feeling that I have to be “on” all the time or maybe it’s exercising the side of my brain that sits on the sidelines when I’m moderating. Or maybe it’s just that I’m really a nerd that enjoys outlines and organized notes and school supplies like colored pens and post-it notes that serve as tools to get the job done.

That’s one of the best things about being a freelance qualitative market researcher. Sometimes I’m hired to facilitate. Sometimes I’m hired to write.

Right brain, left brain, right brain, left brain. How well do you make the switch? Any tips you want to share that make the transition a little less bumpy

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