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On wearing different hats: moderator, analyst & writer

Hat Shop at Shrewsbury, a photo by Calotype46 on Flickr.

In this profession … the qualitative market research profession that is … MAN do we need to switch hats and tap different skill sets ALL THE TIME.

When moderating, we need to utilize our facilitation and active listening and quick-thinking skills.

After, when analyzing, we need to put on our analytical, logical and critical thinking caps.

Finally, when writing, we need to put on our creative hats. We use language skills to compose, wordsmith and edit then artistic skills to graphically layout.

Of course, we use our organization skills all around, don’t we? Organizing input for discussion guides, stimuli for groups and notes/verbatims for analysis.

Qualitative researchers wear many, many hats.

Today, my hair is a mess. Hat head.

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