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5 Reasons Why I Can't Stop Talking about LEGO® Serious Play®

For the last 15 years my children have been playing with LEGO® bricks. Sometimes my husband and I joined them. But most of the time we watched them assemble literal models (their all time favorite was the Hogwarts™ Castle) then deconstruct them and creatively put together something else entirely from their imaginations.

Then I discovered LEGO® Serious Play® ... a process that lets grown-ups use their whole brain to conceptualize thoughts and feelings in a way that I've not seen other methodologies do.  Here are the top five reasons why I can't stop thinking about LEGO® bricks, using them in my workshops and talking about LEGO® Serious Play®:

  1. Because grown-ups need to tap into their innate creativity with a childlike passion to get out of our own way, remove self-imposed barriers and solve problems. LEGO® Serious Play® allows participants to do this, often for the first time since childhood.
  2. Because the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology grows strategic thinking, active listening, unconditional positive regard and storytelling skills; and it is critical that current and future leaders develop these skills.
  3. Because play in the workplace reduces stress and increases productivity and morale. And participants have full permission to play in LEGO® Serious Play® workshops while working on serious challenges or exploring serious topics, thus the name.
  4. Because metaphorical thinking can bring familiarity to the unknown, make the abstract concrete and bring personal experiences and stories to life. LEGO® bricks are used both figuratively and literally in our workshops, tapping the full potential of metaphor.
  5. Because the depth of insights are like none other than I've seen. I've been facilitating discussions for almost 25 years now and what I'm seeing and experiencing first hand with LEGO® Serious Play® are true and genuine "Eureka!" and "Aha!" moments.

Eureka moments. Metaphorical magic. Playful strategizing. Leadership skill building. Childlike problem-solving.

That's why I can't stop talking about LEGO® Serious Play®. Right now the big question is ... why haven't you started talking to me about it?

A participant describes her model to me at a recent workshop I facilitated.

A participant describes her model to me at a recent workshop I facilitated.

Entrepreneurs need Serious Play® too!

Entrepreneurs need Serious Play® too!

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