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Entrepreneurs need Serious Play® too!

Entrepreneurs need Serious Play® too!

I had the pleasure of working with a small group of entrepreneurs earlier this week. What they had in common was a collaborative workspace; they're all coworkers at the B:Hive in Bridgeport, CT.

What set them apart were their businesses, all small, all relatively new, and all their own.I set out to help them reflect on their businesses and set some personal goals using LEGO® Serious Play®. 

In our two hours together, they successfully thought with their hands, accessing what they knew to be in their subconscious minds, and build metaphorical representations of their thoughts and feelings as they pertained to their current business challenges. Through personal reflection and small group discussion, they played their way to discovery, insight and creative problem solving.

Check out what two participants had to say about LEGO® Serious Play® when their small business workshop was over:

The realizations I had during this workshop were both semi-expected, but also very surprising too. Karen so easily guided us through each exploration and opened up the floor for insightful discussions and encouragement. This was seriously SO cool! I haven’t taken time to give different components of my life the kind of thoughtfulness and strategic planning that they require... this definitely jumpstarted that for me! THANK YOU KAREN!
So awesome. Karen is a skilled facilitator and the time I got to spend in the workshop (although too short) was not only relaxing, but allowed for some serious introspection!
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