PlayFULL Insights™ is a Finalist for the Disruptive Innovator Award

Exciting news folks: PlayFULL Insights™, the engaging, effective and innovative qualitative research methodology I co-created with my colleague Siri Lynn of Idea Exchange, is on the short list of finalists for a Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) award!

We were both proud of and humbled by our nomination, submitted to NGMR by our client, Michelle Onofrio, Director, Consumer & Market Insights at Beiersdorf. (Thanks again Michelle!)

We're flying down to Boca Raton, FL, next week to be on-site at The Market Research Event where we'll find out if PlayFULL Insights™ has won the award or if the three other finalists will receive the honor. Stay tuned!

Are you a new reader, wondering what qualitative research is? It's a field of market (or marketing) research that includes conversation with and observation of consumers to gain insight into their attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, opinions and perceptions.