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Whoo-hoo!  I am a Disruptive Innovator!

Whoo-hoo! I am a Disruptive Innovator!

First of all, what is a Disruptive Innovator?

Glad you asked. And I’ll tell you, but after I explain why it is relevant. It’s relevant because I am one. I am a Disruptive Innovator. My award says so!

On October 20, 2016, I was presented with the Next Gen Market Research Disruptive Innovator Award along with my friend and colleague Siri Lynn for our collaboration on a new qualitative market research methodology, PlayFULL Insights™.

So I explain what disruptive innovation is first: when someone changes the way we do things, creating a new market, displacing existing competitors … that’s disruptive Innovation. Steve Jobs changed the way we listened to music when he released the iPod and then subsequently iTunes. Jeff Bezos changed the way we shopped when he started Amazon.

And Siri and I disrupted qualitative market research when we started using LEGO® bricks to bring both conscious and subconscious consumer insights to the surface.

So one who does that, one who innovates and subsequently disrupts? They are a Disruptive Innovator. I am a Disruptive Innovator. I have to say it again because that’s akin to pinching myself.

Wait … what exactly is PlayFULL Insights™?

Glad you asked! So, instead of taking the traditional approach to focus groups, Siri and I leverage the precepts of LEGO® Serious Play® and have participants build 3-dimensional metaphorical representations of their thoughts, feelings and beliefs using LEGO® bricks in response to carefully crafted moderator questions.

Storytelling is at the heart of the methodology, as participants share the stories of their models for all listeners to ultimately reflect upon. And because the hands act like a search engine for the brain, participants connect to their subconscious in a way that they aren't able to in typical qualitative. So PlayFULL Insights® allows us to go quite a bit deeper, faster than traditional qualitative research.

Coming soon ... "I'm a Disruptive Innovator" t-shirts!

I will wear this title with such incredible pride. So much pride that I would wear it on a t-shirt. (Actually, YES, I will be doing that, honestly, I kind of have to now … maybe I’ll give the shirts to clients who try the PlayFULL Insights™ methodology on for size and realize IT’S A PERFECT FIT.)

Why KL&A Gives

Why KL&A Gives

PlayFULL Insights™ is a Finalist for the Disruptive Innovator Award

PlayFULL Insights™ is a Finalist for the Disruptive Innovator Award