3 Learnable Things I Took Away From The Florida Creativity Weekend

Your first question might be "only three things"? Or perhaps it's "what's the Florida Creativity Weekend?"  So let me explain both before telling you what those three things are.

The Florida Creativity Weekend, the brainchild of the Florida Creativity Alliance, is an annual conference designed to explore creative thinking and innovation -- regional in feel but now international. The workshops offered during the weekend have both personal and professional development applications. 

I personally led two workshops this year: one on "Faith & Creativity" and the intersection between the two, the other, called, "Play Like a Child, Think Like an Adult" that explored personal challenges using 3-D learning modalities including the Lego® Serious Play® methodology.

The real learning for me, however, came from the two other sessions I attended and one of the keynote presentations. And yes, there are three. Not because the weekend isn't full of takeaways. But because these are three things you can learn from, too, if you'd like to.

Here they are, from me to you. I hope you learn a little something from them:

  1. Sometimes a problem that seems unsolvable isn't a problem at all. Rather, it is a polarity to be managed. I've been exposed to Polarity Thinking before but this workshop helped me see the dynamic tension that exists between poles in action as I explored a personally relevant polarity. I cannot wait to have a conversation with a client of mine who might be able to glean some insight into a polarity that exists in their current marketing strategy! (Many thanks to Liz Monroe-Cook for a fantastic session!)

  2. Failure IS an option. In fact, without failure we'd miss out on valuable learning experiences. We talked about Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO, who I subsequently read said, “Failure is not a badge of shame, it’s a rite of passage.” A rite of passage. It must occur. In fact, we all left with a mandate to set goals to promote risk:  This year I will stretch and fail ten times ... and we're supposed to list the ten things we'll do that will likely lead to failure. That's next on my to-do list, by the way. (Thanks to Eileen Doyle for that beautiful activity and workshop.)

  3. You can find inspiration in anything and if you can't ... look again. THIS might be the best quote EVER for someone who likes to force connections and think metaphorically. Whether the inspiration comes directly from a conversation with someone, a video you watch, a speech you listen to, a walk outside, a book you read ... seek it out and if you can't find it try harder. (Thank you, Gert Garman, for bringing inspiration to me whenever I am in the audience listening to you.)