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How an Engineer Discovered LEGO® Serious Play®

How an Engineer Discovered LEGO® Serious Play®

Before my father retired, he enjoyed a successful career as an engineer and highly successful quality control consultant.  As his child, I learned quickly how differently someone who was left-brain dominant was from someone who was more of a right-brained thinker. Go ahead and take a guess who is the former and who is the latter in our relationship. I'll give you a hint: While I was the Research Director for his consultancy for a while, I ultimately started my own consultancy dedicated to addressing client challenges with problem solving processes, projective research techniques and creative facilitation, moderation and training methodologies. 

I wasn't surprised when my dad didn't understand why I was incorporating LEGO® bricks into my own consultancy. I understood that it made no sense to him. It wasn't that he didn't like to play, he was all for having a lot of fun. But only after all of the work was done and not a minute sooner. And playing with a child's toy as a grown-up professional at work was completely counterintuitive to him.

Then one day recently he sits to read the Spring 2016 issue of Connect -- a custom publication of Sterling National Bank -- and he comes across an article called, "Serious About Success? It May Be Time to Play."

I wish I'd seen his face when he turned to that page. I wish I'd been in his mind when he read the words on the page. Can't you picture it reeling with the reality that his daughter hadn't made up a kooky methodology but discovered one that fits with who she is and is grounded in science and research?

How many of you are like my father? Left-brain dominant, analytical thinkers, logical, rational hard-workers who believe play is best after the work is done? I'm encouraging you to rethink that strategy today and consider experimenting with a novel way to success.

Here's a PDF of the article for you to enjoy! Happy reading! And of course a call to action: contact me if you'd like to talk about scheduling a play-date at your organization.

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