Need facilitation? I'm sending out a "reverse RFP" to give back a bit!

I'm having a good year. And a wise woman named Jane, who has since passed away but her words of wisdom stay with me, once told me that you get even more when you give more. So I'll give, just a little bit more, as a karmic thank you. (Miss you Jane.)

Each year I end up facilitating one or two workshops pro-bono for a variety of reasons. I usually take the pro-bono requests as they come: a school here, a start up there. This year, however, I'm being deliberate about who I work for "free of charge" and putting out a "reverse RFP" so that organizations can tell me why I should facilitate for them pro bono.

So if you're a non-profit, a start-up small business or even a grassroots community effort, and you recognize how you could benefit from facilitation yet you don't have a line item in your budget for it ... here's your chance.

Karen Lynch & Associates is putting out a call for proposals of a different kind ... proposals from non-profit organizations and small businesses in need of pro bono facilitation for strategic planning, problem-solving, insights seeking, team-building and/or ideation purposes.

This "reverse RFP" is ideal for organizations local to Fairfield County, CT ... but if there's room in a travel budget and your cause is worthy, I'll come to you with an agreement that your group will pick up the travel expenses.

Here's the Reverse RFP PDF.  I look forward to reading the submissions. Make sure you read carefully to check the deadlines. I'm sure you're a worthy cause.