Strategic moderating:  

I lead meaningful discussions online and in-person that spark the insights my clients need into consumer behaviors so they can successfully market their brands and grow their businesses. I typically build creative exercises and projective techniques into my discussion guides.

I use the following research methodologies in the work I do, solo or in hybrid combinations:

  • Traditional focus groups and in-person interviews (with non-traditional approaches, like friendship or couples groups)
    • Ask me about PlayFULL Insights™ ... a proprietary methodology I co-developed with a colleague of mine to glean insights using Lego® Serious Play® methodology!
  • Online bulletin board groups and communities (always immersive, whether they last 3 days or the span of several weeks)
  • In-person or online ethnography (interviews in a participant's natural environment, learning from them and our observations)

Custom facilitation:

I lead engaging idea generation, problem-solving, strategic planning and team-building sessions that leverage a group’s innate creativity so they can successfully innovate for growth and positive change.

Corporate training:

I lead interactive communication, innovative thinking, creative problem solving, team-building and facilitation skill-building workshops that provide participants a blended learning experience designed to help them grow their skills, their mindset or their toolbox. I'll customize the training to your needs, so just reach out if you want to talk through those with me.