Karen was a facilitator for our Lego Serious Play workshop at Seton Hall University where she led 70 student staff (RAs and Tutors) and 18 professional staff through two hours of a fun, reflective, and motivating development session. She worked with us to design a workshop catered to our department’s needs and so easily applied her training techniques to our diverse audience. She’s energetic and confident in front of a large group. Thumbs way up for Karen, all around, from Housing & Residence Life at Seton Hall University!
— Cheryl McCloskey, Assistant Director of Housing Operations & Marketing at Seton Hall University
I had the opportunity to have Karen a as facilitator twice. Both of them it surprised me her strength, professionalism and absolutely contagious energy! Participating in her groups is an experience I highly recommend, not only because of the clarity and excellence which with she transmits new concepts, but for her warmth and friendliness as a person. Karen is one of those innate leaders whom one always wants to keep close!
— Facundo Ruiz, Regional Design Business Partner - Customer Experience - DIRECTV PANAMERICANA
Karen’s facilitation style combines an expertise in creative problem solving with a warm and engaging personality to provide highly valuable outcomes.
— Carol Bernstein, 
I view Karen as a key business partner. I have worked with her on multiple projects, and she always brings a level creativity and expertise to each one. Karen has a unique ability to understand our brand challenges so she can deliver findings and insights that provide a clear path forward, often beyond our expectations. She is always looking for ways to learn more and do more - which is greatly appreciated. I truly value Karen’s strategic thinking and would highly recommend her.
— Michelle Onofrio, Manager Market Research, Beiersdorf
I recently partnered with Karen on a two-day IDI project in the food category, and I was really glad I did! Karen has great people-skills. For example, she quickly establishes rapport with respondents and has a very professional demeanor with clients. She is very energetic and has a lot of stamina, which is vital in our qualitative business. She is quick with creative solutions to any challenges that come up. More importantly, she is a delightful person to work with!
— Maureen Quinn Olsen, M. Q. Olsen Marketing Research
Karen is a great consultant. She can grasp a project’s objectives quickly and choose the right methodology to deliver. Her attentiveness to details enables her to manage each project succinctly and effortlessly. She also has just the right personality to get the most out of respondents in a focus group - she’s empathetic, energetic, and truly inquisitive. She’s adept at thinking on her feet and being flexible enough to meet changing needs. Karen’s also a whiz at analyzing the results of a project and delivering actionable results.
— Siri Lynn, Idea Exchange, Inc.